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We’re new here. We are two friends who love food. One of us is a professional, and the other is an amateur. We see this as a collaboration; Ken has years of experience in the professional kitchen, so when Pat tried a recipe she found in a magazine, Ken had plenty to say about what he would do differently. When Pat had too many tomatoes in her garden, Ken explained what to do with them. When Ken talks about knife skills, Pat gets it. In some ways, Pat is the ideal audience for what Ken knows–an enthusiastic cook with a desire to get better. Because Pat’s professional experience is in teaching and writing, you’re going to get stories.

Neither of us has ever blogged before. We’re off on an adventure, to try to share some ideas about cooking, and create a dialogue with our readers. We expect to have a lot of fun. We hope you will join us. We’ll be posting at least once a week, sharing stories, recipes, strategies, some advice about tools, restaurant reviews, and some of our favorite food writing. Both of us will generate content, based on our perspectives. Both of us use the first person when we’re writing, but it should be easy for you to tell who’s writing what. And sometimes, we collaborate. We hope this element of surprise is something you’ll enjoy. We’re making this up as we go along, so feel free to offer suggestions.

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