IMG_4345 Now is the time that local farmers’ markets begin to open for the season.  Most feature a few stands operated by local growers, who sell healthy young seedlings specifically chosen to thrive in your own area, as opposed to those trucked in to big-box stores on a seasonal basis. You can support organic local agriculture by buying a few plants to put in your trunk, and planting them in the next two or three weeks. If you don’t have a garden, try containers on your deck.

Here, Julia Lemieux (left) of Windy Ridge Organics discusses herbs with a customer at the Pittsfield (Massachusetts) Farmers’ Market, which opened for the season yesterday. Check for the markets where you are. You’ll have fun, and you also won’t be able to resist sampling some yummy local treats as you go. IMG_4354

In  a couple of hours, I put a trunkful of little seedlings into the ground, and it felt great! And today (ahhhh!)  it’s raining. SO satisfying to see concrete physical progress. Most goals are a little more elusive than planting.


My neighbor Daniel, who tells me he is the youngest person in second grade, planted pumpkin seeds yesterday. According to the envelope, these pumpkins will grow to be 100 pounds. Can’t wait to see the results.